Thank you for choosing Carlos & Gabby's Rivedale for your Glatt Kosher authentic Mexican dining in New York City.


Carlos and Gabby's is one of the most successful and talked-about Kosher restaurants to hit the New York area in years. Riverdale is now our fourth delicious location!


Until recently, a handful of Kosher Mexican eateries have come and gone. Some had good food, but were too costly. Others were inexpensive, but also inconsistent at best. Then, in 2006, Carlos & Gabby's opened their original Lawrence location - a modest shop on Rockaway Turnpike near the Long Island Rail Road crossing. It wasn't glamorous, or spacious. But unlike their Kosher-Mexican predecessors, Carlos & Gabby's managed to combine a delicious and extensive menu of Mexican favorites, fused with a handful of American classics... not to mention all those great sauces (Tangy BBQ, Avocado Ranch, Creamy Caesar, Mmmm!) This culinary excellence, combined with a reasonable price point turned Carlos & Gabby's into so much more than a novelty. In fact, it has now become a landmark on the map of Kosher eateries in the Kosher restaurant capital of suburbia.


In 2009, Carlos & Gabby's opened it's second location on Coney Island Ave. in Brooklyn, followed by a third on Main Street in Queens. And now, Riverdale will never be the same! We've brought all of the great food and fun with us... and those really cool t-shirts too! We are a kid-friendly place with several menu items for children. We are also open late for those late night burrito cravings.


Carlos & Gabby's of Riverdale is under the strict supervision of the Vaad of Riverdale.



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